Technology capability

Thermal stability

The harsh production conditions in steel processing plants provide enormous challenges for measurement technology. Measurement systems made by TBK have matured through years of experience and have high thermal and mechanical stability. This stability is important for the consistency of the measurement results and the quality of the derived parameters.

  • Mature system technology
  • Highest thermal stability through closed cooling water circuit and temperature control
  • Fixed sensor positioning provide for high mechanical stability

Measuring system for beam and sheet piles (Peiner Träger GmbH, Peine/ Germany)

Generation of key values

Decisions by the production control unit are based on relevant key values. TBK measurements provide a wide range of dimensional parameters for specific products alongside normative established values. The generation of the performance values from the measured contour data is based on tried and tested algorithms that have proven their robustness in numerous installations.

Optional enhancements

In addition to contour acquisition the measurement of temperature and speed of the products can also be included. Temperature measurement data are relevant in order to make prior assessment in the hot state about the dimensions of the cooled products. By integration of the speed, the current bar length can be determined at any time. Thus performance values detected are assigned to the correct position on the rod.

Individual design and customization to production conditions

The TBK portfolio range includes standard solutions for most applications in the rolling mill field. Where customer requirements go beyond this, we apply our technology know-how in special solutions. We are able to customize our metrology to customer specifications both for a variety of mounting situations and to generate key values for special profiles.