TBK Sensors

High sampling rates

The combination of high clock rates and short exposure times is unique in the market place. Only through the high measurement frequency fluctuations in production are made visible and the necessary density of information is provided for effective control of production.

Multi-color combination

To capture the overall contour with high precision, TBK sensors light up different contour regions with different laser colors. With this technology, overlapping areas can be differentially mapped and cross sections accurately generated. The use of different laser colors in the measurement frame is at the same time the indispensable basis for synchronous measurement.

Synchronous measurement

A specially developed camera control provides for absolutely simultaneous recordings of different contour areas. The influence of rapid lateral movements of the product on the precision of the measurement result is minimized.

Intelligent Calibration

During calibration, the position of the TBK sensors relative to each other is determined. Using recordings from a certified calibration unit the TBK computer control software determines the necessary parameters. With changeover of products neither mechanical adjustment nor re-calibration of the measuring system is necessary.

  • Combination of different laser colors
  • Synchronization compensates for rapid transverse movements of the product
  • High clock rates and short exposure times make fluctuations in production visible

Multicolor lighting