Special applications

The technological principle of the two-dimensional triangulation and the deduction of relevant key characteristics from the composite contour are suitable for any kind of shape and dimension control.

Amongst other applications, our technology is used for contour measurement of wheels and rings as well as for waviness inspection of high speed rails. Combined with advanced software solutions, our many years of experience and specific expertise in sensor and automation technology have provided a clear product advantage for our customers.

Specific capability wheels and rings

  • Creation of a total cross section from partial data recording
  • Calculation of dimensional key characteristics from the total cross section
  • Detection of product eccentricity
  • Comparison with patterns, nominal values and tolerances

  • Multiple sector measurement suitable for oversized products
  • Synchronous sector acquisition
  • True representation of cross section even with unsteady movement of the product

Railway wheel (Bonatrans, Bohumin/CZ)

Specific capability waviness

  • Assessment of horizontal and vertical waviness using the moving chord method
  • Synchronous multi-point acquisition
  • Measurement of straightness and flatness
  • Applicable for all types of sections

  • Moving chord methodology based on synchronous multipoint acquisition
  • Time synchronized
  • Defined measurement traces independent of product movement


2006, Bonatrans Group a.s., Bohumin / Czech Republic
1994, Trinecke Zelezarny a.s., Trinec / Czech Republic
1990, voestalpine Schienen GmbH, Donawitz / Austria