Core Competence

Our core competence lies in the constant live monitoring of continuous manufacturing processes through the concentrated use of proven laser technology. Our non-contact precision measurement systems visualize production processes and enable statistical process control in various forms. High flexibility and originality distinguishes our work. We place focus on internal research and development in the field of non-contact, laser-based contour measurement.

Proven laser technology
Our metrology has enabled new levels of continuous production monitoring and has been tried and tested in well-known companies in the international manufacturing (steel) industry. The measurement of the profile contour, in both the cooled and the hot production state makes a significant contribution to production optimization.
Industry-specific experience and expertise
The growing demands on the dimensional accuracy of steel products require precise knowledge of the current state of the product quality and rapid response to different process parameters. With years of industry experience, we enable uninterrupted production, predictive corrections and low reject rates, making a significant contribution to increasing the economic success of our customers.
Maximum flexibility
Our key aim and declared focus is flexibility and originality in the solutions offered. TBK gives the highest priority to assessment of the various process parameters, their tolerances and the combination of different measurement techniques for different product portfolios.